[PowerPoint] I tried making a roulette (file included)

【PowerPoint】ルーレットをつくってみた ICT

To be more precise, it’s “I made a roulette that moves during a slide show.”

There are several videos on YouTube that show how to make roulette using PowerPoint.

Now, create it in the same way…
It only stops at the same number!

When I looked into it, it seems that there is indeed a habit of expressing the movement of roulette in PowerPoint.

Should I use macros or not?
We have considered three roulette patterns that are effective during a PowerPoint slide show.

1 : Stop the roulette only with animation.


The best way to spin a roulette wheel is to use a PowerPoint animation.

However, it is not possible to change to random numbers using animation alone.

However, by combining multiple animations, you can force a stop while the roulette is spinning.

Rather than roulette, it’s a slot machine where you can stop by yourself.

2 : Stop randomly using only VBA (macro)


VBA (macro) is good at creating random things, but it’s bad at animation.

I use a macro to generate a delay once every 0.1 seconds and rotate the display.
However, it is not stable.
This delay is waiting for other commands, so the roulette doesn’t appear to be spinning when you move the mouse.

Even so, the roulette wheel will give you the correct result after 10 seconds.

3 : Combine animation and VBA (macro)

I tried to combine the best parts of VBA (macro) and animation.

The first page is a slide that stops at 1, the second page is a slide that stops at 2, and so on.
I use a macro to randomly jump to each page.

I didn’t create the start page because I was in the mood when I created it.
(By creating a start page, the second page becomes a slide that stops at 1, causing a discrepancy in the numbers.)

You can start from any page, but it will suddenly rotate when you start it for the first time.

If I could specify the spin (animation) angle on the macro side, it would fit on one page.
Apparently it wasn’t possible.



Reference for creating roulette visuals

power point roulette download


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